{14, April 2011}   And more updates

Wah. Okay.

Went to SheVaCon. It was rather amazing. Have an image of my costume:


I decided not to get the boots as they were too expensive. So instead I went for a cheaper alternative.

I’m most likely not going to Anthrocon because my money’s more focused on college atm.

I’m taking the SATs the first Saturday of next month.

Moving to Pittsburgh is probably out. I’ll probably… Just go wherever I have a place to stay during summers and breaks.

Got all my packages. Got a new battery for my laptop finally.

I’ve been playing Assassins Creed.

The girl that was a no-call/no-show has had a few people join her in the quit/fired option. One was fired due to falsifying paperwork. The other walked out. So everything’s really stressed at work now.

I’m running two dreams on Furcadia as well – I’ve gotten them up and running finally. Also, I’m participating in about two other dreams regularly.


{31, January 2011}   Woo~

Alright! I had the last two days off so here’s a quick update before I go to bed:

1. Still working on character revisions.
2. I’ve FINISHED my project with Furcadia!
3. I finished reading the Hunger Games – now I just have to get the next two books.
4. The Y!pocalypse is still apparently happening.
5. I have a new blog!

Let’s talk about that last one…

I’ve been roleplaying for several years, I mean, since middle school even. I ended up meeting and then later moving in with one of my roleplay partners. We’re living with each other even today!

Sometimes, we write porn. Yeah, yeah. Judge us if you want. But we write it. And not just any type of porn: gay porn. As in male on male sex. Sausage fest. Whatever you want to call it lovelies. And we’ve created a blog.

However, obviously, it’s only for THOSE OF LEGAL AGE.

Don’t make me beat you with a mallet. Or withhold the cake. Because I will.

For those who are of legal age and are interested, mosey your way on over to
X-Rated Nothings!

et cetera