I’m thinking of going to vegetarianism.

It seems the less I eat meat, the less I like it. Honestly, it’s disgusting to me most of the time now. Growing up as a child you had to fight me to get me to eat meat – I’d eat all my vegetables and fruits and want extras of them before even taking a nibble of meat!

But growing up, I had to eat what was in front of me or not at all. So I got over my hatred of meat (though I oddly liked ham) and started eating it. Because otherwise I wasn’t allowed to get seconds. So I ended up learning to like meat and eating it ‘regularly’.

Nowadays though… The less I eat meat, the less I like it. It’s gross and normally tasteless. For several years I keep having times when just the thought of meat would turn my stomach and I’d spend however long eating only vegetarian meals. I always felt healthier when I did, too. I had more energy and was generally happier.

Vegetarianism is expensive though. Especially since you have to be careful to get all the nutrients you need. Which, as I understand from several of my friends who are vegetarian, can be rather hard.

So maybe I’ll be one of those ‘vegetarians’ who eats fish or poultry. One of my friends back in high school was a vegetarian, but started having health problems because he wasn’t getting the right nutrients – I don’t remember what – so the doctor said he had to eat one or the other.

I like fish the most and chicken is okay, but I prefer turkey. So maybe I’ll just cut out red meat for now. See how that goes. Then maybe, eventually, I might be able to cut out a little more.

I guess we’ll see how this goes.

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