I’m thinking of going to vegetarianism.

It seems the less I eat meat, the less I like it. Honestly, it’s disgusting to me most of the time now. Growing up as a child you had to fight me to get me to eat meat – I’d eat all my vegetables and fruits and want extras of them before even taking a nibble of meat!

But growing up, I had to eat what was in front of me or not at all. So I got over my hatred of meat (though I oddly liked ham) and started eating it. Because otherwise I wasn’t allowed to get seconds. So I ended up learning to like meat and eating it ‘regularly’.

Nowadays though… The less I eat meat, the less I like it. It’s gross and normally tasteless. For several years I keep having times when just the thought of meat would turn my stomach and I’d spend however long eating only vegetarian meals. I always felt healthier when I did, too. I had more energy and was generally happier.

Vegetarianism is expensive though. Especially since you have to be careful to get all the nutrients you need. Which, as I understand from several of my friends who are vegetarian, can be rather hard.

So maybe I’ll be one of those ‘vegetarians’ who eats fish or poultry. One of my friends back in high school was a vegetarian, but started having health problems because he wasn’t getting the right nutrients – I don’t remember what – so the doctor said he had to eat one or the other.

I like fish the most and chicken is okay, but I prefer turkey. So maybe I’ll just cut out red meat for now. See how that goes. Then maybe, eventually, I might be able to cut out a little more.

I guess we’ll see how this goes.

{14, April 2011}   And more updates

Wah. Okay.

Went to SheVaCon. It was rather amazing. Have an image of my costume:


I decided not to get the boots as they were too expensive. So instead I went for a cheaper alternative.

I’m most likely not going to Anthrocon because my money’s more focused on college atm.

I’m taking the SATs the first Saturday of next month.

Moving to Pittsburgh is probably out. I’ll probably… Just go wherever I have a place to stay during summers and breaks.

Got all my packages. Got a new battery for my laptop finally.

I’ve been playing Assassins Creed.

The girl that was a no-call/no-show has had a few people join her in the quit/fired option. One was fired due to falsifying paperwork. The other walked out. So everything’s really stressed at work now.

I’m running two dreams on Furcadia as well – I’ve gotten them up and running finally. Also, I’m participating in about two other dreams regularly.

{25, February 2011}   Preparations are being made!

Alright, haven’t updated in a bit… But basically here’s the run down.

I’m going to SheVaCon here next week, so things are a bit hectic right now. My costume is unfinished, so I’m probably just going to wear random clothes with the face paint for the character. She’s supposed to be more medieval/fantasy based but eh. Modern clothing will work until I’m done.

I’ll be trying to commission someone soon about the boots I need for her costume – but they’re not open until April so I dunno.

I may or may not be going to Anthrocon.

Also, I’m actually not sure if we’ll be moving to Pittsburgh or not. With how the weather’s been it might just be too cold. It’s still being discussed though. Who knows, we may just move a little south. Perhaps to Georgia or one of the Carolinas.

I’m supposed to be getting a ton of packages in the mail this week, before the con. One being a charger cable for my camera since mine went missing during the move. So when I get that, I’ll hopefully be able to get pictures up. The other is the face paint I’ll need. I’ve already got my brushes and the RMG paint for my ears. The brown’s done, waiting for it to set before adding the white.

I’ve been working a ton – one girl was a no call/no show twice, so she’s fired. Everyone’s working overtime to cover it. Yeah. Not fun. As such I haven’t had time to do any writing/character development except for just occasional things that are kept in my head.

Until next time!

{11, February 2011}   Have some music

One of these songs has been in my head for two weeks. The other I found this morning – and will be joining the first. Enjoy!


Rubberbandits – “Horse Outside”


Songs To Wear Pants To – “Zombie Ninjas”

{31, January 2011}   Woo~

Alright! I had the last two days off so here’s a quick update before I go to bed:

1. Still working on character revisions.
2. I’ve FINISHED my project with Furcadia!
3. I finished reading the Hunger Games – now I just have to get the next two books.
4. The Y!pocalypse is still apparently happening.
5. I have a new blog!

Let’s talk about that last one…

I’ve been roleplaying for several years, I mean, since middle school even. I ended up meeting and then later moving in with one of my roleplay partners. We’re living with each other even today!

Sometimes, we write porn. Yeah, yeah. Judge us if you want. But we write it. And not just any type of porn: gay porn. As in male on male sex. Sausage fest. Whatever you want to call it lovelies. And we’ve created a blog.

However, obviously, it’s only for THOSE OF LEGAL AGE.

Don’t make me beat you with a mallet. Or withhold the cake. Because I will.

For those who are of legal age and are interested, mosey your way on over to
X-Rated Nothings!

Alright, so… Let’s see if this makes it easier for people to keep in touch and see what I’m up to. So to list things off for starters:

  1. I’ve been working a ton at my day job, which takes up a huge chunk of my time.
  2. Currently all writing has been put on hold because of some MASSIVE character and story revamping. I’m also compiling my current character database: I’m over 150 characters and still adding them.
  3. I’ve been working on a project on Furcadia – I’m almost done with this.
  4. I’m probably going to go to SheVa Con, which is a Sci-Fi con here in my city. Though, unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to have the costume I want. Not sure if I’m going to be able to afford costuming at all in actuality.
  5. I’m currently reading The Hunger Games

Also… Hm. I’ve several sites I’m a member of. One of those, currently, is Y!Gallery. As of right now, Y!Gal is experiencing a lot of problems and is searching for a Sys Admin.

However… To be completely honest? I’m not sure if the main Moderator really wants to find one or not. Why? Well…

  1. They waited until the last minute to ask the community for help.
  2. They apparently tried to search for outside help first.
  3. They’re using an extremely old system/program to host it.
  4. They refuse to give anyone ‘hired’ any compensation at all – DESPITE the fact that pretty much EVERYONE commenting has said that they would donate so that they could hire someone.
  5. Furthermore, it seems like they want to hire a sys admin LONG TERM to “Deal with problems as they occur” with, again, no compensation.
  6. They have refused all requests of people wanting to donate money to hire someone by saying “money is not a problem”.
  7. The idea of hiring someone temporarily, through donations, until someone else can be found, was shot down
  8. Several people are reporting that they’re repeatedly contacting this person because they CAN fix it or know someone who can. Yet they’re also reporting that they’re not getting any responses. YES, they’re probably getting flooded with messages. However, with so many people repeatedly trying to contact them at least ONE thing had to have come through.
  9. The one person who DID get a response said that they knew the program, was willing to do it for free, etc etc, but didn’t use the exact system. So basically they could update it and have it just like it was – but because they weren’t mac savvy they were shot down.
  10. While other mods are responding to questions/comments, the person who is mainly in charge of the site and is accepting the applications isn’t replying to ANYTHING. They’re not sending responses back to anyone. They’ve, essentially, dropped off the face of the earth.

et cetera